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Snow White – Weymouth Pavillion

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Enchanted Entertainment
Reviewed 16th December


This Snow White is full of Gems!

If you want full blown panto magic without relying on lavish special effects, you could do a lot worse than pay a visit to the Weymouth Pavillion. Right from the off the show has loads of sparkle, not least from the spectacular set by Mark Walters (who also designed the London Palladium!)

The cast, headed up by George Sampson as Prince George from Sampsonshire, who showed he can still rock those moves with his BGT rendition of ‘Singin in the Rain’ (he has a nice singing voice too), are all full of energy and keep the show moving at a fast pace. The dancers work really hard in the many musical numbers, backed up by local youngsters.

Jamie Riding, as Nurse Daisy Dolittle, has some truly outrageous but ‘Gawgeous’ outfits, and had the audience rolling with laughter before he said a word. More could have been made of the character though, as we never really know why she is there, but we would certainly miss her if is she wasn’t.

Eliza Walker, in the title role of Snow White, does a great job at winning over the hearts of the audience, and of course the Dwarf’s and Prince George. She held her own in her many numbers with a lovely voice and great dancing. It is easy to see why he was nominated for an award at this year’s Pantomime awards. I hope we see a lot more of her in the future.

There are bad jokes a plenty, mostly delivered by Paul Hutton as muddles (he didn’t write them though) and some nice moments where the cast interact with the audience to hilarious effect – look out for the flying beach balls, and of course a magical talking mirror.

With spectacular costumes, a set full of glitter, and a good story, it is hard to find fault with this full throttle production which seemed to have everything, except maybe a full-on slapstick scene. The audience did get a suitable soaking at one point though, so if you are in the stalls – watch out! The ‘megamix’ finale had everyone singing and dancing along at the end of what was a truly magical show. Snow White runs until 31 December 2023, with ‘Adults Only’ performances on 29th & 30th.

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