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Cinderella – Stourbridge Town Hall

Cinderella by Mary Stevens Hospice Panto Company
Reviewed 9 February 2024


This Ball is full of sparkle!

The Mary Stevens Hospice Pantomime Company have a reputation for putting on a spectacular show, and this year they have excelled themselves. Right from the start the spectacle and simply amazing special effects give a hint of what is to come.

This year the regulars are joined by BGT finalist Amy-Lou as the Fairy Godmother, and Bruce Jones (Les Battersby in Coronation Street) as Baron Hardup. Amy makes a fantastic fairy, quickly gaining the support of a packed house, and the power behind her voice is simply stunning. Her vocals are put to good use, her duet with Cinders being particularly memorable.

Bruce is just right as the down-trodden baron, and plays well opposite Wally Wombat, who plays his future wife, the evil Stepmother. As usual, Wally is at his best when interacting with the audience and one or two got the full force of his cheeky banter.

One standout performance was Ethan Hamblett as Dandini. Not normally a role to grab the limelight, but he was simply hilarious!

The costumes by Imagine Theatre, with additions by Leos Theatricals are simply stunning. I don’t think they could have added more sequins and glitter if they tried.

If you can get a ticket, we really recommend a visit! Not only will you have a great night out, but you will be supporting the work of Mary Stevens Hospice.

Cinderella runs until 14 February 2024

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